Modern young minds polluted by religion

Good teachers instill curiosity about facts; religion teachers demand rote memorization of past beliefs, manipulative catch phrases. The Rosary remains a very powerful tool for the new evangelization of the Catholic Church, so Dr. Uhl gives full details of how to pray the Rosary. The official Roman Ritual makes clear that the Church still believes the devil can take possession of a human being. A more modern young minister teaches youngsters there are dogs in heaven, no toilets though, and 'maybe God has a beard.'

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Credulity impedes creative research

Believers who abhor stem cell research and therapeutic cloning insist that a zygote of two or four cells is a human being. This dogmatic stance currently impedes proper funding of researchers who leave U.S. to get foreign funding for their important work. Currently the obstructive conservative stance reflects majority opinion. Galileo, Copernicus and Newton were in small minorities and paid dearly for it. Domestic terror in modern U.S. still obstructs science and human happiness in the name of God.

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Chapter five: Guilt and responsibility

Religious guilt and a sense of personal lowliness (without god's grace) undermine self-esteem. A sense of dependency, then, weakens a person's conviction that he is responsible for all of his deliberate actions. Though preachers claim that self-responsibility is a high virtue, they teach that lowly sinners are saved through free grace from God rather than good works. Such a silly stance readily produces the attitude that God will provide for my lowliness and bail me out of my tough spots.

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How to protect the children

Parents are powerful in forming youngsters' prejudices (pre-rational judgments). A lie, a piece of misinformation, a superstition, an unreasonable religious mystery, even an outdated family custom planted in the defenseless child's mind as factual is abusive. If every single family tradition is passed on as culture, unimproved, to the children, they will be just as prejudiced and handicapped as the older generation. The most important of the big ten commandments for parents is "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

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Chapter six: Faith Can lead to Extremes

St. Paul said faith exceeds all understanding. A half century ago the faith of McCarthyism concluded that "extremism in the defense of virtue is no vice." When such a faith quickly led to the obvious destruction of human rights, people lost their faith in Joe McCarthy's unreason. Religion's much longer traditions cannot be so easily cleansed from society. Watch the articulate Franklin Graham continue the influential messages of his political genius father, Billy Graham. Religion will remain an opiate for many.

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Repeated fallacies become believable

You can fool some of the people all of the time, so myths that are repeated often enough can become culturally acceptable. This helps explain how bumper sticker "truths," like "In God We Trust" and "One Nation Under God" tend to supernaturalize patriotism. Politicians, following the crowd, appear to accept the popular myths. This often leads to unconstitutional extremes that threaten the Jeffersonian wall of separation of Church and State.

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First Amendment to the Constitution

With the thousands of Christian denominations in U.S., there are religious leaders who believe they have divine knowledge that puts them above the civil law and the guidance of natural reason. As some of these teachers of the young pass on supernatural "truths" and non-rational myths, parents and educators take on a greater responsibility to help naive and defenseless youngsters to develop critical thinking skills.

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Further extremes that faith can lead to


At a conference on miracles that Dr. Uhl participated in, another participant said it was a miracle that only 3,000 persons were killed by the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11/01. If there had been a miracle worker around, couldn't s/he have just given the hijackers an earlier heart attack? It behooves us to realize that a popular president who believes that about anything goes in the name of religious faith could lead religious America away from democracy into theocracy.

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We unlearn our prejudices at different rates


Some stay stuck in the past honestly, but those who profit from preaching old myths, beliefs and superstitions may deliberately hinder others from developing into independent thinkers so that their old prophets can bring them modern profits. While so many Christians now claim America as their own, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams insisted vehemently that the stable State must remain free from the divisive opinions of religions.

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Chapter Seven: Humility is truth, not lowliness

Humans have evolved into very complex thinking animals; it would be the greatest insult to nature to become less the thinker and more the believer in outdated "truths." Truly humble human beings, realizing they do not know all, work diligently to develop scientific knowledge; they voraciously "eat of the (bible forbidden) tree of knowledge (science)." A human can think and be great; he does not have to be great; he can choose to be only potentially a rational animal rather than actually a rational animal.

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